Michelle Windham

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From: Michelle Windham
Subject: I passed!
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Mr. Williams,

I just wanted to let you know that  I passed the PPR EC-4 test with a 250! I just wanted to thank you for your study kit! I am taking the EC-4Generalist in July, and I have the study kit for it. Again, thank you! Your study kit makes a difference!


Jaani Schroeder

From: "Jaani Schroeder"
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Subject: RE: TExES Master
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Thanks for your reply. My studying is going great. I have been studying the flashcards just like you suggested, everyday. The web sites have also been very helpful. I have also been studying other types of prep materials and non of them are anywhere close to being as helpful. I feel like am studying information that will specifically help me in math, history etc.that I have not been able to get out of other study guides. In addition, I feel more confident knowing that I am preparing for the TExES with your material. I will be ordering your PPR Master kit soon. Thanks again, and have a wonderful weekend!!

Jaani Schroeder

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To: Jaani Schroeder
Subject: TExES Master


You are right - the booklets only come with the PPR products. How is your studying coming - do you know all the flash cards yet?

Have a great teaching career!

Sincerely, Art Williams

On 14 Oct 2003 at 20:02, Jaani Schroeder wrote:

Hi Mr. Williams, I orderded your TExES Master Generalist ec-4 a few weeks ago and was wondering if the small book mentined in the video called the study aid or the small hand guide was supposed to be
included in the kit I ordered or just included in the PPR kit? I did not receive it in my kit. If it is just offered in the PPR that is OK. Thanks for your help. Have a great week!!

Jaani Schroeder
Midland, TX

Holly Armbrister


First of all, thank you so much for creating this wonderful study guide to the texes test. It was a great tool and one that helped me finally pass my EC-4 exam. In using your product I had a 28 Point increase in my test score which helped me pass the test. I would tell anyone who is having trouble passing the exam or in future will be taking the exam to purchase your product. I wished I would have spent the money the first time I took the test. Thanks again!!

Holly Armbrister


Hello Art,

I am proud to say that I have passed the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Resp 4-8. I would like to thank God and TExES Master for my success.

P.S. I am proud to say that you can add one more success story to yourlist.

You're great,


Hi Mr. Williams,

I passed my test. My score is 253. TExES Master was of a great help for me.

Thanks once again