TExES Computer-Administered Tests Now Available!

Certain TExES tests may be taken on computer at specially equipped computer test centers geographically distributed across the state.

General Information

The Computer-Administered Tests are given several times per month at many sites across Texas. Currently only 2 Computer-Administered Tests can be taken:

The test time (5 hours) is the same for Computer-Administered Tests and the normal exams. Your unofficial score is available immediately after the exam. Your official score will arrive by mail one to two weeks later.

You must wait 90 days before retaking the same test.

Registration deadline is 4:30pm Central Time four business days prior to the scheduled test date.

In addition to the normal $82 fee (per test), the Computer-Administered Tests fee is $28. There is not late or emergency registration fees.

For question about how to register for the Computer-Administered Tests call 1 800 523 7088.

To register or the Computer-Administered Tests call NES at 1 512 927 5121. Before you call, carefully complete items 1-9 on the Admission Information Form on pages 9-10 which can be downloaded here.

You may pay with a VISA or MasterCard credit card or with a wire transfer.

The deadline for making changes (test date, test center, or reporting time for which your originally registered,) is 4:30pm central time four business days before the test. You can call NES Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, at 1 800 523 7088. There is a $15 fee for making any change.

Note: If you are using TExES Master Core Subjects EC-6 or TExES Master PPR EC-12 to prepare for your exams make sure you have the full 6 weeks to follow the 6-week TExES Master course. You can do the 6-week course in less time if you can log in several hours a day to do the work. If you have less than 6 weeks, it is by far preferable to pay the $15 to postpone your exam. Also note:

If you cancel, you can get a partial refund. Call NES.

To get directions to any of the Computer-Assisted Text exams sites click here.

Make sure you read and understand all the rules and regulations regarding your responsibilities in applying for and taking your exam.

TExES Computer-Administered Tests
Certain TExES tests may be taken on computer at specially equipped computer test centers geographically distributed across the state.

Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC–4 (test 100)

Core Subjects EC–6 (test 291)

The TExES Computer-Administered Tests (TExES CAT) are offered multiple times per month. Click here for more information.
Important Notes

Registration. TExES CAT registration is available by telephone only. Complete the information form on page 9 of the bulletin supplement (below) and call 1-512-927-5121 to register.

Eligibility Requirements. The same eligibility rules that apply to paper-based TExES tests also apply to TExES CAT. If your reason for testing is to complete university-based initial, university-based additional, or alternative certification educator preparation requirements, you will need to first obtain an official authorization-to-test bar code label number before calling to register (see page 7 of the bulletin supplement, below).

Payment. The cost (per test) for the TExES CAT is $82 (test fee) plus $28 (computer-administration fee). Payment may be made by credit card (VISA or MasterCard only) or via Western Union (see pages 4–5 of the bulletin supplement, below).

Score Reports. An unofficial score report will be generated on-site when you complete the test. This unofficial score report will indicate the number of questions you answered correctly. Official score reports that indicate passing status will be mailed weekly. Typically, official score reports will be mailed each Friday for tests taken the previous week. You can expect to receive your official score report in the mail approximately one to two weeks after testing. Additionally, unofficial score reports that include passing status will be posted on the Internet by 5:00 p.m. on each score report mailing date for tests taken the previous week. Note that the score report mailing date and Internet posting date are for tests taken the previous week, not the current week.
Additional test sites may be made available for the TExES CAT. For a current list of available sites click here. For more information on TExES CAT, including registration information, download the registration bulletin supplement which can be found here.