Are you taking the Computer Assisted Test (CAT) or are you taking your Paper Based TExES exam?

You can schedule a CAT test (Computer Assisted Test) at a place near you. If you are taking a CAT make sure you have TExES Master 6 weeks in advance of your exam. You can take it at any time Monday through Friday - for more information on this click here:

Of course, you can also take the CAT, but give yourself at least 6 weeks to study, Since the TExES Master study aids are all about you becoming an excellent teacher you don't want to learn this information temporarily - rather you should put it to permanent memory so you can use it in your classroom as an effective teacher.

For the 6 week course we recommend that you study one hour every day.

If you are taking PPR, ESL or Bilingual exams we recommend you take about 2 weeks to become an absolute expert on the Competencies located in your TExES Master Practice exam manual. As you become an expert on these Competencies you are primarily laying the foundation for you to be an excellent teacher. Secondarily, you are preparing to pass your certification exam.

Some people may require more or less time to learn the material. We recommend that you do not take the exam until you have learned all of the flash cards and have done everything that is discussed on the DVD and is laid out in the actual 6 week TExES Master course.

If you are taking the PPR, Bilingual or ESL exams we recommend that you spend any extra time you may have on becoming an expert on the teaching Competencies. This will give you a great foundation for doing the TExES Master course and will start to prepare you to be an excellent teacher.

If you have had trouble passing your PPR exam, feel free to give me a call - I will be happy to see if I can help you.

When you order any TExES Master product you will receive 2 emails within hours from (click on "more").

When you order any TExES Master product you will receive 2 emails within hours from:

1) the United State Postal Service giving you your USPS Confirmation & Tracking number. With this number you can go the USPS web site, click on ?Tracking?, and post your number to determine exactly where your package is, and,

2) the Founder of TExES Master giving you further comments about your preparation. If you are taking one of the TExES PPR exams, Art Williams will give you special instructions about how best to spend any extra time you might have during the holidays. By following these instructions you benefit in 3 ways:

a) You will lay a great foundation to begin your 6-week TExES Master course,
b) you will benefit directly by using this information when you go to take your exam, and, finally most important,
c) this information, if you put it to permanent memory in your brain, will lay the foundation for you to become an excellent teacher.

Art Williams has had 24 years of experience helping students pass their certification exams. This experience can help you to get the most out of the limited time you have to prepare.