No one has had to use the money-back-guarantee in over 10 years - not one person! That is a 100% pass rate.

The money-back-guarantee is now a mute point....

When we started out 2 years ago, several people each year would ask a full refund after failing their exam. Since we have taken on Education Professors as consultants who are now teaching at Texas Universities, the quality of our material has improved dramatically. No one has had to use the guarantee in over 14 years.

Since the TExES Master ESL and Bilingual products came out 11 years ago, no one has had to use the money-back-guarantee - not a single person. The TExES Master success rate is currently 100%. Similarly, no one failed the Special Education exam when using the TExES Master Special Ed study aid.

If a person should fail after using TExES Master it is because the person did not follow the program. It would be ridiculous to send the study aid back. The best course of action is to decide to use the study aid correctly and thoroughly. Never give up. You can also feel free to call me. Myself and our consultants have helped many people pass after they have failed one or more times. There is no charge for this extra help. We love having the pleasure of helping people finally have success on their teacher certification exams. Usually, after asking a few quick questions I can help you with a good plan to better prepare yourself.