Why Select TExES Master™ Over the Competition?

TExES Master™ has the most up to date products, which are authored by Education Professors currently teaching at Texas Universities.

TExES Master™ products are recommended by Stephen F Austin University to it's graduating future teachers.

No one has had to use the money-back-guarantee in over 13 years (since March 2002) and thousands have been sold! That's a 100% success rate. Occasionally someone will phone and say, "Mr. Williams, I used TExES Master and I failed my exam. I don't want my money back — I just want your help!" In 100% of these cases, we find that they did not follow the program. Simply put, follow the TExES Master program and you will pass your exam. Make sure you do everything that is discussed on the DVD — every detail.

It is a scientific fact that students learn best using flash cards. Reading and staring at a page in a book is a very ineffective way to learn.

Much of the TExES Master™ material is red — it is also a scientific fact that students learn best when the study material is red.

TExES Master™ is the only multi-faceted product. You learn by various media from watching the DVD, using your flash cards, taking the full length practice exam, and keeping the handy small PPR, ESL, or Bilingual booklet with you during your preparation period. The PPR study aids also give you a glossary of 600 terms that all teachers should know.

By nature, authors of books are compelled to fill the book with lots of stuff. You get some good information but also lots of impertinent bits and pieces. You have to sift through it — you can't memorize the whole book. TExES Master™ gives you the exact information you need to excel on your exam. We have distilled the tremendous amount of information down to just what you need to master your TExES exam.

Finally, and most important, when you have learned the TExES Master material, you will have prepared yourself to be an excellent teacher.

TExES Master™ is the only product that provides direct assistance by phone (409 962 3100 or cell 409 543 3600) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to the founder of the company, Art Williams. If Art can't help you, he will get the answer you need from one of his consultants.