Passing your teacher certification exam is not the primary reason to use TExES Master.

TExES Master is all about excellence in teaching.

We continue to update and edit our study aids to help lay the foundation for you to: 1) become an excellent teacher, and, 2) to enable you to pass you teacher certification examinations. Although the study aids are constantly improving, the price not changed in over 24 years.

TExES Master© study aids will help you to solidify the foundation you received in your teacher preparation program. Our program provides the information that a new teacher needs to begin his/her teaching career, and to start out on the path to becoming an excellent teacher. Some new teachers struggle with educational decisions, management, and methods of instruction during their first few years. When you are prepared with the valuable teaching knowledge in the TExES Master© material, you will be ready to meet the challenges of today’s classrooms. This valuable information will serve as a basic tool which will support you throughout your teaching career.

In addition to this important outcome of learning the TExES Master© information, you can score very high on your teacher certification examinations (many people eventually use 2, 3 and even 4 TExES Master© study aids). Many TExES Master© students score above the 90% level. No one has had to use the money-back-guarantee in over 10 years – that is a 100% success rate!

The new 2018 TExES Master© revisions are now shipping.