Exactly how does TExES Master help everyone pass the certification exam on the first attempt?

Each kit is essentially a teacher certification in a box containing several multi-faceted components: a DVD presentation, a set of over 200 flash cards with the exact information necessary to be an effective teacher, a Competency Overview booklet, a full length practice exam and a listing of scores of relative web sites. The most important outcome of learning the high quality information in each study aid is that teachers are laying the foundation to be an excellent teacher – secondarily, they will easily pass their exam.

Each study aid has everything necessary for teachers to:
1) prepare themselves to be excellent teachers, and,
2) easily pass their exams on the first attempt, money-back-guarantee.
(These study aids are constantly updated and are now so effective that no one has had to use the money-back-guarantee in over 20 years - that is a 100% success rate!)

For example, Texas wants its ESL teachers to be absolutely competent in 10 specific areas of ESL teaching. In the TExES Master ESL study kit, we cover these 10 ESL Competencies 4 ways: on the DVD, in the flash cards, in the ESL Practice Exam book, and in the ESL Competency Overview booklet. The student gets this information by seeing it, by hearing it, by reading it and tactile (using the flash cards – the absolute best method to learn anything). After studying these materials your future ESL teachers will be absolutely competent in these 10 areas and ready to be very effective ESL teachers. When they leave their exam they will not be wondering if they passed their exam – they will know they totally mastered it. Each of the other TExES Master study aids are similarly formatted.

These study aids are the perfect solutions for teachers who need additional certifications.