Can your products help me if I have to pass a “content area” TExES examination?

Yes, the TExES Master PPR product will help you pass your exam in the content area, even though they are designed (with a money back guarantee) for the TExES PPR examinations. Over 15,000 of our teacher certification aids have now been used and only 24 people have failed and taken advantage of our money back guarantee. I generally recommend that people in the content areas take their exam without our products the first time. If you have been trained and educated in your specialty, you will probably pass. If you don’t and are within 10 to 12 points, TExES Master will probably take you the rest the way. 

You can see some testimonial letters on my web page. Melissa had been trying to pass the Counseling TExES exam for 2 years — she then prepared using TExES Master and passed. I had a Principal who failed the Superintendent TExES exam at 47--he called me and I actually discouraged him about using EM--gosh, he had to go up 23 points. Even though our products do not have anything in it about Superintendents, he used the test taking strategies to prepare him and scored a 73--a 26-point improvement! That’s his postcard on my testimonial web page. 

By the way, most of our product sales are to people in the content areas. I have received many, many letters and emails from people who used it successfully. I have not received one single complaint that our product did not help. In this respect, it has been a pleasure to be able to help so many people fulfill their dream of teaching.