Which current product is best for the Bilingual EC-6 Core Subjects (#292) or ESL EC-6 Generalist (#193) exams?

TExES Master products for ESL and Bilingual are available.

Our TExES Master Core Subjects EC-6 product will help you with the Content area of your exams – but not with the Bilingual or ESL portions. There is a money back guarantee for the TExES Bilingual EC-6 Core Subjects or ESL EC-6 Core Subjects exams. 

There are 2 products now ready for shipment:

TExES Master ESL Supplemental & TExES Master Bilingual Supplemental

Each product has the same effective multimedia components with a DVD, a set of flash cards and a full length practice exams with all the answers.

These products are authored by one of the foremost experts in these areas in Texas and the United States. Here is her Faculty Profile:

Faculty Profile of Perry K. Haley-Brown, Ed.D.

Academic Rank: Professor

Professional Memberships:

  • Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education
  • Texas Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
  • Texas Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators
  • Tex-TESOL Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Association of Texas Professional Educators Sponsor McMurry Chapter
  • The Council of Independent Colleges Education Division
  • Cisco Junior College Advisory Committee for Child Care Technology
  • Abilene Education Foundation Advisory Committee

Service to the Discipline:

  • Oklahoma City Schools 1997 
    Presentation “Effective ESL Strategies K-8”
  • Texas A&M Social Studies Conference, 1997
    Presentation “Developing Curriculum Guides K-8”
  • Fort Phantom Hill Conference, 1997
    Presentation “Fort Phantom Hill Curriculum Guide”
  • Border Schools Project Region 14 Evaluation Team 1998
  • McWhinney Foundation Conference 1998
    Presentation “The Future of the Confederate History Workshop”
  • Texas Music Educators Association State Conference, San Antonio, TX, 1999
    Presentation “Help, But They All Don’t Speak English”
  • Abilene Parents Council, Abilene, TX, 1999
    Presentation “Communication Tots to Teens”
  • American Orff-Schulwerk Association National Conference, Phoenix,AZ 1999
    Presentation “Help, But They Don’t All Speak English”
  • National Educators Computer Conference, San Antonio, TX 2002 
    Presentation PT3 “Preparing Tomorrows Teachers to Use Technology”
  • Region 14 Education Service Center May, 2002
    Presentation “Hands-on Brains-on”
  • Friends of the Library October, 2002
    Panelist “What is an Educated Person in the 21st Century?”
  • Angelo State University PT3 State Conference November, 2002
    Presentation “Preparing Tomorrows Teachers to Use Technology”
  • Partners for the Future K-16 Educational Lecture Series September 19, 2003 
    Participant in the K-16 Abilene Initiative
  • Murder in the Library McMurry PT3 Project
    Organizer and participant May 1, 2003
  • Sunbelt Region Conference McMurry University February 22, 2003
    Participant Choice Theory Workshop
  • Texas Computer Education Association Austin, Texas, February 10, 2005
    Presentation Murder in the Library: An Information Literacy Activity
  • The Council of Independent Colleges National Department Chair Workshop San Diego, CA April, 2003
    Presentation “Supervising Departmental Faculty Members: Developing Collegiality 
  • Seventh Annual Texas Higher Education Law Conference at the University of North Texas
    Participant March 3-4, 2003
  • Region 14 Education Service Center
    Presentation “An ESL Primer” May 14, 2003
  • Region 14 Education Service Center
    Presentation “Effective ESL Instruction” May 16, 2003
  • Friends of the Library October 2004
    Panelist “Art vs. Science”
  • Learner Centered Teaching Training September 29, 2004
    Participant McMurry University
  • Higher Education Collaborative University of Texas at Austin
    Participant March 12, 2004 Austin, Texas
  • CSOTE Conference
    Participant October 16-19, Galveston, Texas
  • Geek Week May 2003
    Participant McMurry University
  • Breckenridge ISD
    Presentation “Effective ESL Instruction” February 2005
  • University of North Texas 
    Participant Texas Higher Education Law Conference April, 2005
  • Region 14 Education Service Center
    Presentation “Effective ESL Instruction” June 200


  • Haley, Perry Kay. “The Extended School Year: A Survey of Parental Attitudes,” 
    Diss. Arizona State University, 1992 
  • Van Loenen, Rita, and Perry Kay Haley, “Consultation and Collaboration: English as a Second Language and Regular Classroom Teachers Working Together,” National 
  • Association for Bilingual Education Conference Journal (1992-1993): 53-63.
  • Haley, Perry Kay. “A Teacher’s Guide for Fort Phantom Hill”,Fort Phantom Hill Conference. Abilene, 1997.
  • Beckett,Carol, and Perry Kay Haley. “Using Standards to Integrate Academic Language Into ESL Fluency, The Clearing House, Nov.-Dec. 2000: 102-104.
  • Haley, Perry Kay, Kathy Aldridge and Charlene Randall. Texas Historical Society, 2000 “ A Teacher’s Guide to Buffalo Gap Historical Village” 

Service to the Institution:

  • Dean School of Education 1999-current
  • Chairperson Department of Curriculum and Instruction 1996-current
  • Mediation Officer 1999-current
  • Curriculum Committee 1999-current
  • Teacher Education Committee 1994-current
  • Big Country Center for Professional Development and Technology
  • Sponsor McMurry Chapter ATPE
  • Chair of the Curriculum and Instruction Search Committee
  • Big Country Teacher Center McMurry Representative
  • Building and Grounds Trustee Committee Faculty Representative
  • Community Building Task Force
  • Grants Task Force 2003-2004
  • Assessment Task Force 2003-2004

Service to the Community:

  • Celebrate Abilene volunteer
  • Day of Caring United Way Volunteer
  • Abilene State School Volunteer Services Board
  • Abilene Education Foundation Advisory Board Member 2001-current
  • Alta Vista Campus Improvement Plan Comm. 1994-2002
  • Bowie Elementary Campus Improvement Plan Comm. 1995-2002
  • Evaluator for the Grace Museum Russian Art Exhibit and Speaker Series 1998-99
  • Adopt a School Coordinator 1998-current
  • American Reads Coordinator 1998-current
  • Region 14 Administrators Association 1999-current
  • Abilene Preservation League 2004-2005


  • Continue to pursue continuing educational development by attending workshops and conferences
  • Pursue mediation training
  • Submit a conference presentation or training proposal for a regional, state, or local conference