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art williamsAt this point, you may be asking yourself who is TExES Master™ and what makes Art Williams so qualified to create such programs as TExES Master? The truth is, Art is not and that is the reason why he has highly qualified Education Professors, currently teaching at universities providing all of the information for these study programs.

It is true that Art created a very original study aid, ExCET Master, the original study system for Texas teacher certification. Art developed the concept of having a video and a set of flash cards with the information needed to excel on these teacher certification examinations. He did this originally to help himself pass the exams. When he scored in the 90-percentile range, he realized he had serendipitously come across a concept that could help others students pass their exams.

It did not take long for Art to realize that he needed technical input from experts in the field — namely University Education Professors to help develop high quality products. The quality had to be so high so that his company could remain the only company to offer a 100% money-back-guarantee if customers did not pass their exams.

That was over 24 years ago. The ExCET exams have since been replaced by the TExES exams, and so Art pressed forward on to develop TExES Master.

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The TExES Examinations Are Dynamic

They are constantly changing. TExES Master is the only product available that is also dynamic - the products constantly change as the exams change. We have been the business of helping Texas teachers certify for over 20 years. We offer a new revision with the latest information available as needed. Our competitors, which are generally books cannot do this. Their products become out dated very fast.

The great advantage to the TExES Master products, particularly the PPR products, is that in addition to learning the material required to pass your certification exam, you are also laying the foundation to become a great teacher. The TExES Master PPR products are full of information to help you excel in your teaching career. In this respect, TExES Master has been improving Texas teaching for over 20 years!

Other TExES exam training materials are basically books or manuals. By their very nature, they are created at a moment in time and basically are static - they do not change as the TExES Master study programs do. The reason for this is simple to understand: in order to keep the prices cheap, publishers produce thousands of books and then must sell huge inventories.

TExES Master is the only product that has such high quality that we are able to offer a 100% money-back-guarantee. Absolutely no other TExES product is able to do that. More importantly, TExES Master has evolved into such a fine product that no one - not one single person has had to use the money-back-guarantee in 2004! Since then we have added about 40% additional information to these products.

In addition to the specific product updates, we have added a new 600 word TExES Master Glossary of education related information that all educators should have as part of their teaching lexicon. This information will be of particular help during your PPR exams, and it will help you to pass any certification exam in any subject.

Finally, we have added two brand new features to our products: TExES Master Test-Taking Tips and TExES Master PPR Mindset Most significant of all is the fact that we have added all of this additional material without increasing the cost of the product.

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In addition to helping Texas teachers pass their teacher certification exams, Art and Dixie love raising Texas Bluebonnets. See this article from a local Texas newspaper…