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Our All-Level TExES Master PPR study aid features a DVD and a set of close to 270 test-specific flashcards. It features a manual with a review of the 13 Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities competencies, a competency-correlated online review, and a full-length practice (over 100 questions) TExES exam with correct answers and full explanations. Also new with this TExES Master PPR product is the new TExES Master Glossary of Educational Terminology, Test-Taking Tips, and The PPR Mind Set. The TExES Master Core Subjects EC-6 study aid includes a domain-correlated online review and a full-length sample (125 questions) TExES exam with correct answers and full explanations. The manuals have proven test-taking strategies and detailed 6-week courses for the student to use as a guide for preparing for their TExES examinations. We have revised the flash cards — removing obsolete cards and adding brand new cards increasing the total number to 280.

The TExES examinations are dynamic — they are always changing. Our TExES Master products are also dynamic. Hence TExES Master frequent revisions.

TExES Master PPR EC-12

TExES Master Core Subjects EC-6 #291

TExES Master ESL #154

TExES Master Bilingual #164

TExES Master Special Education #161

During this preparation period, remember, the knowledge that you are gaining from our products will make you a better teacher. Each of our new TExES products features a DVD and a set of over 200 test-specific flashcards. You can always check your unofficial TExES scores on the “score mailing date” for your exam. To find your “score mailing date” click on Critical Exam Information and follow the ‘UNOFFICIAL Test Score’ link to that date. Generally this can be done after 5pm. Sometimes the scores are mailed out earlier and you can access your score earlier. If you have used TExES Master to prepare, you will already know that you have passed. You will be excited to find out how high you have scored!

Our Products Are Prepared By University Professors

sandra mccuneDr. Sandra Luna McCune is the author of the flash cards, the Practice Examinations manuals, and the Competency Overview booklets for the TExES Master PPR EC-12 and the TExES Master Core Subjects EC-6.

These products are being used by many learning institutions as the recommended study aids. The DVD for the TExES Master Core Subjects EC-6 product features Dr. Sandra Luna McCune, Education Professor at Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogdoches, Texas. Dr. McCune is renowned for her work in helping students pass their Texas certification examinations. Dr. McCune is a coauthor of the highly successful Barron's teacher certification study guide. She brings her invaluable expertise and knowledge of the Texas teacher certification testing program to the TExES Master Generalist and TExES Master PPR study aids.

The TExES Master ESL #154 and TExES Master Bilingual #164 study aids are authored by Dr. Perry K. Brown,

Art Williams, founder of TExES Master, is proud to have Dr. Sandra McCune, Dr. Perry K. Brown, and Dr. Holly Bullard on the TExES Master team!

Our immediate goal is to help you pass your teacher certification examination. Our overall objective is to help you become an effective and successful teacher.