Winifred Richardson

Dear, Mr. Williams:

I want to thank you for your product. With it I was able to pass the 130 Pedagogy & Professional Resp 8-12 test. Without your product my dream would be filled with an empty story. June 26, 2004, I took my first test. I thought I studied very well to find out that I made a 228 which is not a passing grade. On October 2, 2004, I tried again. I studied even harder to get a harder disappointment. For both test I went to a review session at *name of institution withheld*, where I am in a program to become a certified teacher. On the second test I received a score of 230 (2 points more) that time. I was so frustrated at that time, because I had never failed a test (same test) twice. I decided to call you and order your program. I was determined to pass any way I could. I want you to know I did pass with your help. I increased my points by 28 points. I followed your program for 5 weeks instead of 6 because that was all the time I had, but I received a score of 258. Thank you again. Your program is a proven success, and I am letting my other colleagues trying to pass the test know about your program.

Mrs. Winifred Richardson