Darla Cavell

Darla Cavell wrote:


I took the EC-4 Generalist Computer-Administered Test Saturday at Region IV. My unofficial score (which they give you immediately) was 90 correct out of 100 scored!! I never could have passed, much less scored as high as I did, without your wonderful product. I have already purchased the TExES Master PPR EC-4 and will start studying for the test soon. Thanks for making such a great product!


Art Williams Response:


I am so happy to hear your great news. Yes, the products are high quality, but you still had to have the discipline to do the program and study the cards.

With the PPR, it's a much different approach. Watch that video at least twice and make sure you do everything that is discussed.

Congratulations on your great accomplishment. I know you are going to be a great teacher!

Art Williams
TExES Master