Highest scoring TExES Master student ever!

Dear Mr. Williams, Using TExES Master EC-4 Generalist for the October 4th exam, I scored 291/300!!!

I predict two things in your future:

1) You will pass your PPR exam in the 90-percentile range. Remember, as you prepare for your PPR exam with TExES Master PPR EC-4 you are also laying the foundation to become a great teacher, and therefore,

2) you will become a "Teacher of the Year" one day in the future. I will look forward to the days that you let me know that each of these predictions comes true.

I am sure you used the TExES Master EC-4 Generalist On-Line Review with over 200 web sites to gather more information for your exam preparation. Make sure you do the same with the PPR product.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write,

Sincerely, Art Williams