How fast will my order arrive?

If you order this weekend your order will go out Monday morning USPS Priority Mail, February 18,  2019, and you will get it Wednesday (more than likely) or Thursday.  (If your zip code is between 77000 and 77899 you will more than likely get it Tuesday).  We are in and out during the weekends – but feel free to call our land line 409 962 3100 or the cell phone 409 543 3600 any time.  If we can’t answer, we will call you ASAP.

The new TExES Master Core Subjects EC-6 and PPR EC-12 study aids are now shipping. We are in SE Texas near Beaumont. Customers in Houston or nearer may get their package the next day.

You can order from the secure web page, or by phone at 409 962 3100 or my cell phone 409 543 3600. If we can?t answer, we?ll call you ASAP.

Place your order on the web or call 409 962-3100 or my cell phone 409 543 3600.

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Our customers in Houston, The Woodlands, Katy, Sugar land, Baytown, etc. usually get their product the following day as we are close to Beaumont. Normal orders go out United States Postal Service Priority Mail. You can order overnight delivery, but it is fairly expensive(an additional $30).

Each product is $69.95 + $6 shipping and $5.77 taxes for a total of $81.72. You can call any day of the year - including week ends and Holidays - from 7am to 7pm. For quickest delivery (2 to 3 days) call 409 962 3100. If I am not home I do carry a cell phone: 409 543 3707. If you leave a message at either number we will get right back to you as soon as possible. If you are purchasing 2 products, the total is $81.72 x 2 = $163.44.

If I am unable to take your order at the time, I will take your number and call you back shortly.

Sincerely, Art Williams, TExES Master

Please don't hesitate to call me. I have been doing this for 15 years now and have developed an expertise at helping people pass their certification exams. When people use TExES Master and do not pass their exams, 99% of the time it is because they did not do some part or parts of our program. I am pretty good at helping people discover what they can do to better prepare for their next examination.