ESL Supplemental #154 & Bilingual Supplemental #164 Products are now available!

The TExES Master Bilingual Supplemental #164 and TExES Master ESL Supplemental #154 products are now available. There are 2 separate products. There is a money back guarantee for any State ESL or Bilingual teacher certification exam.

The web sites are and respectively.

Each product has the same effective multimedia components as the current TExES Master products with a DVD presentation, a set of color coded flash cards and a full length practice exams with all the answers. The DVD presentation is full of technical information. In our 6 week course we have the student watch the DVD each and every week. This is very effective because the student will also be studying the flash cards with similar information. The student has the opportunity to learn in many ways. The DVD is recorded in chapters so the student can call up a particular chapter to review along with the flash cards s/he is studying.

Each product is $69.95 + taxes and shipping = $81.72 total. The products may be ordered now. For those of you who are taking the Bilingual Generalist or ESL Generalist we have a great offer. Introductory offer: 23% Discount only for the remainder of 2005 – buy any 2 TExES Master products (with either one being the 154 or 164 TExES Master products for $125 + $10.31 taxes + $8.00 shipping = $143.31 The regular price for 2 products is $163.44.

These products are authored by one of the foremost experts in these areas in Texas and the United States - Perry K. Haley-Brown, Ed.D.

These products are powerful tools and the quality is equal to the quality of the current TExES Master products! Our immediate objective is to make sure you pass your certification exam. Our main objective it the help you become an extremely effective and successful ESL or Bilingual teacher.