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Our immediate goal is to help you pass your teacher certification examination. Our overall objective is to help you become an effective and successful teacher.

image This multi-faceted product contains a DVD, a set of flash cards 280 for the EC-6 Generalist, and 270 each for the All-Level PPR EC-12, and a manual with a full length practice examination (including an explanation of the correct and incorrect answers), a list of web site resources, and a Competency Overview booklet (with lots of important information in a small, convenient size to carry for quick reference during the preparation period). All of these facets offer you important related information in various ways. Each of these resources gives the student a little different look at the same information. They are interwoven such that the sum (the student's working memory) becomes greater than the parts (the DVD, the flash cards, the manual, etc.). No one else offers multi-faceted products; no one else offers state of the art products with updated revisions frequently! Order Now...

For Educators and Students

Our TExES Master 2011/12 products have been revised to include the latest information necessary to help future teachers excel on their teacher certification examinations.

  • New flash cards have been added to include the very latest information to help test takers master their exams.
  • A brand new 600-word TExES Master Glossary is now part of every TExES Master PPR EC-12 study aid.. This glossary of education related terms is packed full of information that all educators should have as part of their teaching lexicon.
  • These new TExES Master revisions add about 40% additional information to products that were already the highest quality products available.
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest technology, the TExES Master presentations are now available on DVD.

In addition to the above all three of the revised TExES Master products will include 2 new sections:

  • TExES Master Test-Taking Tips
  • TExES Master PPR Mindset

Special Bonus: Internet Resources

Each of our new TExES Master practice manuals includes a listing of websites packed with useful information on each competency. We've done the research for you and we have a total of well over 200 test-specific web sites with each TExES Master product with verified useful information!

Here is just a sample to show you just how valuable these sites are:

All of these new additions and improvements to the TExES Master product line will be available at no extra cost! Order today...

To offer a money-back-guarantee, these products must be very high in quality. To achieve this, the products must be authored by an educational consultant who has vast experience and knowledge in this specialized teaching field. Our HELP, Inc. consultant, Dr. Sandra Luna McCune, exceeds these criteria.

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